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Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS THE PORCUPINE FISH ATTRACTOR?…It’s an artificial fishing structure that brings fish and fishermen closer together. A plastic sphere allows 26 separate 1/2 inch plastic (pvc) pipes to stick out, giving the attractor 5 1/2 feet of cover for fish to hide around, spawn, etc… You can fish it without snagging and losing lures such as jigs, crankbaits, etc.

DOES IT REALLY WORK?…The fish (and fishermen) say there’s no doubt it attracts fish in a short time. And, in addition to providing spawning habitat it gives refuge to young of the year fish, increasing survival rates for future fishing success.

HOW DO I INSTALL IT?…Quick and easy assembly can be done in 5-minutes. We recommend using PVC glue to help secure the pipes to the sphere. It sinks on its own in seconds. Light enough to toss out of a boat, pontoon or from piers or shore. Even a small kid can do it.

DOES IT NEED TO BE ANCHORED?…Not if you use them in farm ponds or small lakes as its design prevents tumbling or movement. There is a small hole in the sphere to secure anchor, concrete block, etc…We recommend using aluminum or copper wire (doesn’t rust) and adding anchor to the attractor if you plan to place them in big reservoirs or rivers where current or high winds might be a factor.

WHERE’S THE BEST PLACE TO SINK THEM?…A variety of depths will increase productivity yet in small ponds the structures will enhance the fishery wherever you place them. Still, if you have two depth extremes close together it’s good to place attractors at both depth zones or along the drop-off and let the fish decide which spot best provides them a comfort zone.

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO PUT THEM OUT?…Anytime is good. Fish relate to them quickly. Watch for action to improve even more once algae and plankton form, attracting baitfish and luring larger fish to their locale.

DO THEY SHOW UP ON DEPTH FINDER/LCR UNIT?…Yes. In deeper water and on large lakes it’s a good idea to place more than one unit in a spot, as this will give you a better reading.

HOW DO I LOCATE THEM AFTER PLACEMENT?…Placing the structures around piers or boathouses makes it easy to return but for open water venues such as submerged creek channels for bass, crappie, walleye, catfish, etc…we recommend using GPS coordinates or triangulation of landmarks to pinpoint the location.

DO THEY LAST LONG?…These attractors will last indefinitely and offer anglers much longer use than brush piles, etc…

WHAT SPECIES DOES IT ATTRACT?…A wide variety of species relate to the structures but topping the list is crappie, bass, catfish, walleye, and yellow perch.