Porcupine Fish Attractors, The Ultimate Fish Attracting System. Catch more fish in Freshwater and Saltwater, period! The Original Porcupine, The Saturn Series and Now The NEW Lily Pad

- Build your own effective, snag-free, enviromentally friendly fishing habitat today!
New Video with 8 Time National Champion Ronnie Capps
- The Porcupine Fish Attractor is perfect for all types of fresh and saltwater fishing.
- All the Porcupine Models can be partially or fully submerged.
- Easy to assemble and is lightweight for easy placement.
- Ideal for placing around docks or where other habitat is non-existent.
- Results in just 2 Weeks!

1 Original Porcupine 2 1/2 ft. Shallow Water (complete set) 1 Saturn Series 21" x 12" x 30" (1 complete set)
1 Pack or our Original Porcupine 2 1/2 ft. Shallow Water (complete set) 1 Pack or our Saturn Series Porcupine 21" x 12" x 30"  (1 complete set)
2 Pack of Porcupine Lily Pads (Attractor NOT Included) 1 Pack of 3 Spheres (Build Your Own)
1 Package that contains our 2 our New Industry changing design, THE LILY PAD! Lily Pads are a great addition to your Porcupine Fish Attractors. You can add them in various locations to provide more cover and shade for game fish. (Fish Attractor NOT Included) 1 Package that includes 3 Porcupine Original Spheres. You can cut your own 1/2 inch PVC pipe at any length you desire to make 3 Fish Attractors. (Spheres ONLY. PVC Piping NOT Included)
Benefits of the Porcupine Fish Attractor

  • Porcupine Fish Attractors fish structure improve spawning habitat while providing valuable structure for all species of fish in all size lakes.
  • From farm ponds to big reservoirs, these fish attractors help anglers, biologists, and professional lake management companies enhance quantity and quality. Used by professional guides, tournament anglers, and more to attract fish to specific locations.
  • Works great around piers, boathouses, docks, or main lake creek channels and flats. Designed to help you catch fish without losing hooks or lures.
  • Easily assembled and installed. Stays put. Shows up good on LCR and flasher sonar units. Mark your spots with GPS or landmarks for both night and ice fishing trips.
  • Fish relate to them quickly as algae and plankton form to attract baitfish, luring larger fish to their locale. Provides refuge and shade to young fish too, increasing survival rates.
  • Make great fishing spots out of unproductive waters. Doesn’t deteriorate when submerged. Environmentally friendly.